Register Courses

School Registration

We are starting our school year 2020-2021 which should be a new experience and a milestone in your child’s life. It should benefit you in following ways:
• Access to quality education from the luxury of home
• Qualified teaching staff to ensure great learning experience for the students
• Real-time interaction so students could feel the school environment from their home
• Tests, Assignments and Quizzes to ensure efficient learning system
• Quality education with pocket-friendly prices
• Knowledge of Quran and Islam along with regular subjects so your child ensure success in this world and the world after.
Before filling the form, you are requested to fill it with caution and responsibility and please attached the documents mention in the form. We will admit students on first arrive first serve base.

Pre School Registration

We are offering pre school registration for our new batch. Getting your child registered into this batch shall give following benefits to you and your child:

  • Quality education at your doorstep
  • Experienced and qualified faculty to educate your child as a good teacher have a great impact on students’ lives
  • Children will be able to interact with other students from the comfort of home
  • Assignments, tests and projects will help your child groom
  • Affordable education within your reach
  • Get your children learn the Quran and Islamic knowledge along with other subjects so they can be a good Muslim and a successful person.

Read the form carefully and attach the required documents mention in the form before submitting. Students will be served on first come first serve basis.