Empowering youth – the Sunnah way!

Let your munchkins explore the divine journey with us!


Authorized Curriculum

A Comprehensive program based on the Common Core State Standards. Accelerated for each grade level, using interactive digital resources and differentiated instruction to meet every student at their level.

Our Instructional Team

As Qualified and experienced teachers conducting full-time live classes .They are our teachers following our program under our guidance and monitoring.

Ethical Grounding

Each learner is exposed to the highest levels of moral and ethical framework.

Institute Partnership

In case your institution is on the lookout for additional support, FFS holds partnership status with many endorsed facilities!

Future Focused School of America (FFSA)

The Future Focused School of America (FFSA) is a Muslim, faith-based private school with affordable costs and strong links with the local community. We focus on teaching our children the required subjects and pair this with the core islamic principles of Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Quran.

Structuring young brains step-by-step

Our mission is to foster the love for Islam in the hearts of young Muslims without sacrificing secular education.

Why choose us ?

Islamic Exposure

Learn about Your Rabb, His Commands, and His Beautiful Prophet (PBUH) without leaving the comfort of your home. Not everyone enjoys the luxury of visiting Islamic Institutes regularly and we know that!

Learning made easy!

We offer remote learning at price that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Quality courses at such affordable rates are hardly found elsewhere!

Learn From Anywhere

Contact and study at your preferable pace and schedule. Flexibility is the quality that we excel at!


Interact with like-minded Muslim individuals from across the country and grow your social circle. Finding people from your own religion and those who share the same ideologies as you was never this easy!

Experienced Teachers

Learn from academic leaders chosen through a strict criteria. Address your concerns and our staff will address them all quickly.

Tech at it's best

Use optimized tools and mediums to raise the next generation. We ensure to utilize the best apps and communication tools in the market.



June 26

Registration opens on June 26 and students can be enrolled on a first come first serve basis. The application package will be available on our website and an email reminder will be sent out to parents.

Parent Conference

August 14

Parents will have an active role in this new setup, and this conference will be important to define roles, duties, and expectations. This will improve communication and student performances during the academic year.

School Starts

August 24

The 2020-2021 academic year kicks off on Aug 24. More details on class scheduling, teacher assignment, and student’s curriculums will be available on the FFSA website along with an email reminder that will be sent out to the enrolled families.


Contact Information

Glendale Heights,
IL, 60139
Phone No: 224-523-4106
Email: info@ffsamerica.com